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400 Polaris Top End Rebuild

400L top end rebuild kit from Ritter Cycle Racing Inc

RcR top end rebuild kits include Wisco piston, rings, wrist pin, circlips, and wrist pin bearing where applicable. Also includes a freshly bored cylinder. Cylinder Exchange Call (618) 644 3211 for details on boring your cylinder or utilizing our cylinder exchange. Ships for Free

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RcR Sunglasses

Ric Ritter RCR Sunglasses

Ritter Cycle Racing sunglasses with the Ric Ritter signature on the sides. Choose from polarized or non-polarized. Normally $25 a pair, but available for $20 a pair when purchased with other items.  

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Ritter Cycle Racing: RcR 440EX Kit

Ritter Cycle Racing RcR 440EX Kit review

By: Charles Salyers With the introduction of Bombardier’s DS650 and Yamaha’s new Raptor 660R, Honda is going to need to step up and release a big bore sport ATV. Today Hondas biggest sport 4-stroke is the TRX400EX, which is also the most popular 4-stroke sport ATV available. The combination of a good handling chassis and a reliable 4-stroke engine are […]

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Cylinder Boring – How is it done?

Cylinder Boring How is it Done?

Cylinder boring – everyone who has an ATV knows what this term means, but did you ever wonder exactly what happens to your cylinder between the time you drop it off and the time you pick it up? What I am going to show in this article are the steps and procedures for doing this critical job correctly. Cylinder boring – […]

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