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Crankshafts & Carburetors

A look at our processes for ENHANCING your Polaris 400 Crankshafts and Carburetors.

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  1. Shawn beckett

    all of your products and service are amazing the videos are very helpful and comprehensive. Out of all the engine builders and parts dept your are # 1 and I mean that!I’m new to the ATV world but I want as much as I can get,there has been a bit of struggle along the way but I’m working at it.I’m a do it self kinda guy bit its real hard teaching myself something that is completely foreign, and no-one to turn to for help,ur videos are great,I just wanted to thank you kindly and I really enjoy all you guys do! I own 3 atvs Yamaha big bear,and 2 TB 250 2003,I’m in the process of getting in touch about a rebuild for both Tb they belong to my children 9,& 12.As I said I’ve tried rebuild myself but just can’t seem to get it right! I’m saving to send them to you or hopefully income tax,we live in northern MI so a ATV is somewhat of a commodity. Can’t wait looking forward to a awesome rebuild to ride the trails with the wife and kiddos!!

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