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I only wish I had called Rick sooner …

Rick Ritter knows his stuff. I’m not a mechanically inclined guy more than an oil change, tire rotation or brake pad swap on a car.

My 2001 Polaris Trailblazer needed some acceleration and a way to stop the chain brakes when I jumped it as well as carb issues with starting reliably.

Rick put me a package together on a chain tensioner spring wheel thing, new upgraded transmission belt, new upgraded clutch parts and springs, high flow air box mod, full exhaust with spark arrestor, and had me send him my carburetor.

He walked me through taking it off over the phone.

He sent me it back with the kit of other stuff mentioned.

He answered the phone and helped me through the clutch parts and carb reinstall gave me the pointers I needed to get everything back on and be sure I didn’t make a mistake.

My quad came to life.

I was a guy that could “ride the hell out of it” and keep up with faster larger motor quads on the trails before it, but ended up keeping chain master links on hand for jumps because I broke them about every other time it. After Rick’s help, carb mod and kit, I was the dude smoking much faster quads on the trails and never broke a chain again.

That order was 2006, never had a problem with any of it. Top speed on that quad was like 52 mph got about 55 mph after, but the 0-top speed went from 3 to 4 seconds to about 1 second after which is what helped me carve up much faster quads on the trail.

I fully recommend Rick he’s a good dude took exceptional care of getting me the right stuff and even talking me through the install myself since I lived states away.

His price for the full package I got was half what other companies wanted to sell me, but his kit gave me all the usable power I wanted, instant throttle response and gave me the ability to push my quad without breaking the chain all the time from jumping it.

I only wish I had called Rick sooner I bought my quads in 2001 brand new and missed years of all that extra fun and reliability I could have had.

I had 2 matching quads, i only modified my main that I road and left the one for friends stock. When the carburetor on the unmodified one started acting up but still ran, Rick even let me pay a deposit to get a fixed one in the mail he refunded me when I returned mine after install so that I didn’t have down time on my back up quad.

Really good customer service, the guy lives this stuff like we do.

I know it’s been years, but wanted to give a testimonial because people need to hear it.

Thanks again Rick