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Right with Rick

1996 Polaris Xplorer 400L
Sport air box and hi-po filter
Stock carb boring mod and rejetted
UFO slide modification
Boyesen Rad valve
Cylinder trail ported
Wiseco .25 mm over piston
Cylinder head mod for 91 octane gas
Cylinder front mounting bosses strengthened
Crankcase welded strap mod
Aaen trail pipe w/silencer and spark arrester
Flywheel lightened
Drive and driven clutch springs installed
Built and riding since 2016.
poweR, poWER, POWER!
100% reliability rate. Never broken down.
Consistently outruns 600/650 machines.
These mods are the ultimate for riding and reliability. There is nothing like the performance and sound of a Ritter 2 stroke. Thank you Rick!

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