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99 sport full RCR built in 2000. Won a lot of Open Am races on this thing in early 2000’s. Retired it, it’s still running just put up on a shelf.

Kevin Armstrong testimonial
Kevin Armstrong

RcR Trail mod 400 Scr

Love my 400 2×4 Scrambler, people are always surprised at how fast and powerful it is! 2000 Scrambler 400 2×4 -Trail port RcR -83.5mm Wiseco -HSP 12:1 billet head -V-force 2 reed -HPD Trail pipe -HPD MSA Silencer -Team RR Secondary (Red 105-165 spr/70-60-33 helix) -HPD (53 gm, Plain spring (primary) Alternate Secondary Violet sec /2-3 setting, stock 40 deg… Read more “RcR Trail mod 400 Scr”

Jim Pardo

Here is a picture of the ‘83 gold wing you helped me get going! It was ridden from Illinois to Maryland then turned around made it all the way to Oregon! Thanks Rick!

Benjamin Mollet Testimonial
Benjamin Mollet

Love it when someone asks if I know any good quad mechanics. I always say “No I don’t know any good ones but I know an great one, Rick Ritter at Ritter Cycle Racing.” And then they ask “Is he expensive?” And I say ” I don’t know, I just know it’s done right, I don’t want to pay twice.… Read more “”

Matt Jessica

The aaen exhaust, custom clutch kit, hot cam, rzr belt really hyped it up

Eli Appleby Testimonial
Eli Appleby

The oil block off was a great investment on the trailblazer I’ll be ordering one of your pipes for it next.

Aaron Wright Testimonial
Aaron Wright

My fleet (1994 sportsman is absent from photo). All of these were purchased not running and were brought back to life with help from Ritter cycle racing. If it wasn’t for Ritter cycle these would likely be in a scrapyard somewhere. Thanks Rick Ritter!!

Joe Dickens Testimonial
Joe Dickens

Wow shopping is so much faster now. Thanks Rick

Motorcycle gif
Michelle Nunez

I don’t think I have pictures of all the four wheelers, motorcycles and snowmobiles that you have helped me with through the years. Thank you for all the help and good times hanging around the shop, much appreciated man!!

Billy Dillow

RCR has been real good to us we always the fastest polaris drag bikes out of anyone. Rick is top-notch for sure.

Chip Jones Testimonial
Chip Jones